• Made With the Slideshow

    There’s also a video of me giving quite a similar talk in Madrid, but in case powerpoint raw is your thing ;J Made With (the Emerging Alternative to Western Brands) by John Grant from greenormal

  • Five Myths about the Middle East

    Today an excerpt from Made With appeared in the Guardian about “How the Middle East is setting standards in sustainability.” It’s an example of a popular myth about the Arab world (that they are oil pumping, gas guzzling and decades behind on sustainability) being busted by the current realities which are far more progressive and interesting. I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of such misperceptions that[Read More...]

  • Beirut, I Love You

    That’s the title of a memoir by Zena El Khalil, the artist who became world famous for her blogging during the 2006 July War, but is more known locally for art works like running the Beirut Marathon every year in a pink wedding dress and talking to people as she goes about their loves and lives. Zena also made a jaw dropping work that I just bumped into months later[Read More...]

  • The 1st “Made With” Talk

    Here I am in Madrid back in April when the book had just about been completed, giving a summary of the key themes in the book. Yes it’s 54 minutes, and no it’s not exactly TED, but putting it here at least for my own archives

  • Videos from Book Launch

    Okay now this really is if you have an evening to spare – although on advice from Katee Hui (digi supremo at Pentagram and DoTheGreenThing) I have cut these into snack sized single theme clips. The introduction is by Naresh at Pentagram who (along with Marina kindly hosted the launch). And the rest is a long conversation between myself and Carlos Grande, former editor of the Financial times Creative Business[Read More...]

  • Pictures From Launch Night

    Made With was launched on 19th Sept. These are some of the photos from the launch party. With huge thanks to Pentagram, to all the people who made it out on a rainy Thursday evening, to Faizia, Katee and their helpers for making everything happen… here are a few snaps from the book launch party. (And full credit for the photos to Zoe Quirk who did an amazing job given[Read More...]